Transport and Logistics

Part of activities of the LITEX Group is Litex Transport – a transport company.

Litex Transport is a growing company that operates more and more on the international market. It has 117 automotive compositions. Some of the compositions serve Shell under the Contract signed in 1998 for the exploitation of all 35 petrol and gas stations. Litex Transport has 40 new and modern refrigeratory compositions for transportation of food and perishable products of common use.

One of the most modern investments of LITEX is the Central Bus Station in Sofia. Since 2007 LITEX COMMERCE is the majority shareholder with 62.5% of the capital of the Sofia Bus Station. The bus station is an extremely profitable investment. This is another evidence for the successful way of investment of shareholders' money in LITEX COMMERCE JSC.

The transport complex was built as a modern building in line with current requirements for public buildings of this type.

The bus station has a covered area of 7173 square meters. All rooms are fully air conditioned. For the peace of employees and visitors a security company is securing the terminals. Within the complex are installed 130 cameras that are connected to the security system.

In the basement of the building are located technical facilities, toilets, automatic telephone exchange and machine rooms for the lifts.