Business Strategy

The basic business policy principles of LITEX are respect, ethics and accuracy towards:


LITEX strives to maintain steady increase of shareholders investments, to provide permanent financing for development and expansion of business.


Customers are of a paramount significance for LITEX. Business relationships with customers and suppliers are based on mutual respect and cooperation. LITEX seeks to build mutually beneficial and long-term commercial relationships. Innovative technologies and work methods have been successfully applied in order to meet the rapidly changing market needs.


LITEX esteems the experience and skills of its employees and their contribution to the successes and achievements of the Company. The profession is a pleasure when there is a sense of satisfaction and commitment to achievements. Every success in LITEX is achieved through the mutual work of employees.
LITEX is aiming to provide the necessary conditions for the development of individual abilities, knowledge and skills of its employees.

Business Partners

LITEX maintains responsible and long-term relationships with all business partners who seek mutually beneficial and fair business dealings.


LITEX develops a responsible business that is consistent with legal provisions established in the country, in which the Company operates its business. The Company observes the responsibilities to society while paying necessary attention to the environmental protection, public health and safety.