Other Activities

Horse farms with selected breeds of horses

LITEX COMMERCE JSC has one of the finest equestrian facilities on the Balkans. About 60 thoroughbred stallions and mares live in stables located above the Town of Lovech, one of the most advanced in Eastern Europe. Currently the animals are growing and preparing for competitions in Germany, France, Bulgaria and England. Horses are transferred to one of the most famous training centers in Cologne (Köln), Germany.

LITEX has a large stable in Germany. The goal is to race Bulgarian horses that are owned by LITEX, which shall won titles and earn money in Germany and other European countries.

Horses have won many first places and other prizes at competitions in Germany, France and Bulgaria. Money of the prize fund is collected at the representing office and is invested in the preparation of the next generation of horses.

The equestrian facility in Lovech is visited by some of the most famous celebrities in the world of sports and business - the former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch, the head of the Puma Concern - Horst Wittmann and his colleague from Adidas - Horst Ribenauer.

Among the horses can be seen very high quality male and female offspring of Sadlars Wales, Cape Cross, Pivotal, Ksaar, Iron Mask, Dunhill Dancer, Chateau Generale and others.

With great love and professionalism LITEX COMMERCE develops this type of sport. Assistants in England and Germany are looking after new race horses, tracking results and planning competitions.

In England, Britain House Stud, near Somerset, are kept some of the most famous mares such as La Cucina, Briseida, Lady Linda, Persephone, Perseida, etc. Their horses are quoted at a very high level and annually presented in Book 1 of Tattersalls.

In the elite equestrian facility are bred elite Arabian breeds for show programs. The most beautiful stallions are Shahir, Fauzan, Abel, Nilal, etc.