Other Activities

Social Policy and Engagement

Social activities of the companies

All companies within the LITEX Corporate Group have socially responsible business behavior. Upon realization of their manufacturing and commercial processes the companies are operating in accordance with applicable laws. The economic stability of the Corporate Group allows the provision of good jobs and fair wages. Occupational safety during production is strictly observed while considerable attention is paid to environmental protection.

The company does not allocate funds to political parties, organizations or their representatives and does not participate in party politics.

However companies of the LITEX Group take a strong public position on any social issues that affect the rights and interests of companies, shareholders, employees and customers.

LITEX COMMERCE JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Association.

For his active public activity the majority owner of LITEX, Mr. Ganchev, was awarded the prize Honorary Citizen of the Town of Lovech in 2006.

During the feast of the Town of Lovech held in May 2007, Mr. Grisha Ganchev makes a present to the town - a bronze statue of a standing rider, a symbol of freedom, at the amount of EUR 160 000, and a statue of Exarch Joseph at the amount of EUR 140 000.

Sociopolitical activities of employees

All employees in the LITEX Group are free to express opinions and participate in political and public life as they see fit, without prejudice to the reputation of the Group.