Professional Code of Ethics

Business Ethics

LITEX Corporate Group leads a policy of ethical business by impartially observing economic and institutional rules and respecting social norms.

Code of Ethics

Any commercial structure needs a code of ethics. This code sets standards of professional conduct for all activities thus becoming a basic rule for performance of daily duties of the members of the Organization.

Those basic principles laid down in the Professional Code of Ethics of the Holding play a key role in developing and maintaining a successful and lasting competitive business.

In addition to development and expansion of the Company, LITEX is aimed at the internal development of the Organization. Our top priorities include support of the corporate spirit and image, and providing conditions for improving the skills and professional qualities of the staff.

The LITEXs Code of Ethics includes values such as integrity, honesty, moral and mutual respect. It reflects both the Company's business principles and personal values and standards of each one of us.

Ethical and professional standards of the Code apply to all employees of the LITEX Group, while no deviations and violations of the agreed common principles are being tolerated. The personal responsibility for all of us, including all structures of the Holding is to observe the Code of Ethics and to maintain the authority of the LITEX Corporate Group.