Our Projects


  • Sponsorhip

    LITEX is a major sponsor of many sports - football, wrestling, motor cross, boxing, sambo, volleyball...
  • Ecology

    LITEX follows the highest ecological standarts for production and trade. The company offers safe and secure...
  • Business History

    LITEX COMMERCE JSC is a company with more than twenty years of experience, and develops successful business activities in many fields.

    The Company is established as a Limited Liability Company in 1990. After its expansion Litex Commerce was transformed into a Joint Stock Company.

  • Management

    The structure of LITEX is constructed in a manner to facilitate the effective project implementation in the target areas of the Company to the utmost extent.

    LITEX COMMERCE JSC has one-tier management system under the Commerce Act of the Republic of Bulgaria.

  • Mission and Objectives

    The mission of our Company is defined by the responsible business conduct and loyalty to our customers, investors, partners, employees and society.

    The long term objectives of LITEX includes strive for maintenance of a high work standard, fair competition and socially responsible business.

  • Strategy and Partners

    Trust, security and mutual respect are the key components of any long-term business partnership. The success of the Holding is based on these principles from the very beginning.

    The company develops sustainable business relationships with companies, banks and financial institutions ...