Business History

LITEX COMMERCE JSC is a company with more than twenty years of experience, and develops successful business activities in many fields.

The Company is established as a Limited Liability Company in 1990 in the Town of Lovech. After its expansion in 1999 the Company was transformed into a Joint Stock Company. In 2002, the registered seat and address of LITEX COMMERCE JSC was moved to the City of Sofia.

Credibility and stability of the LITEX COMMERCE JSC is promoted particularly during the economic crisis and the collapse of the fuel market in the country in 1997. LITEX is one of the few Bulgarian companies that do not transfer its investments in foreign banks and companies abroad. This demonstrates the company's long term intentions for business development and promotion of market economy, and namely the domestic market.

The Company grew and began its business expansion not only in trade of petroleum products, but also in many other industries: energy, food, transport, tourism, finance, real estate, motor industry, etc.

Over the years LITEX strongly supports the policy of non-engagement with political projects.

Today LITEX is one of the largest investors in the country, with total investments exceeding EUR 250 000 000.

For the years past LITEX COMMERCE JSC has managed to accumulate a registered capital of EUR 43 000 000.

As of today, the Group provides work for more than 3000 people.