Livestock Breeding and Agriculture

Livestock Breeding

Among the numerous fields of activity of LITEX JSC livestock breeding is included in the spring of 2010. The Company currently has 500 cattle divided into four breeds - Belgian Blue Cattle, Hereford breed, Aberdeen Angus and two flocks of the Limousin breed. The farm is located near Sokolovo village, Lovech Region. The farm is equipped with separate tents; autonomous water supply and sanitation have been built.

In order to produce high quality and ecologically pure meat from its animals LITEX COMMERCE JSC has chosen the free pasture breeding and the roughage during winter. Calves are bred for fattening and sale. The trade is mainly focused on exports outside the country.
In the farm are bred more than 1000 meat breeds of sheep that are crossbred with the Ile-de-France breed.


Since the autumn of 2010 LITEX COMMERCE JSC enters the agriculture business with various crops. The Company has 50 000 daa of arable land and is a registered manufacturer with a main activity - production and trading with sunflower, wheat, barley and corn, as well as feed products such as grass mixture, meadow hay, silage corn. The fields are located within the Lovech region, and the cultivation of various crops implements the best world techniques.

On a larger scale, the Company envisages the expansion and duplication of the arable land in the next three years.