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Byalka Hunting Reserve

In 2002, LITEX won the competition for management and use of Byalka Hunting Reserve

LITEX develops the hunting area with investments for construction of Byalka hunting lodge, fences, outdoor and indoor waiting posts, feeders of different types, mud, micro dams and other facilities for management of the game within the hunting area. BYALKA is located near the Town of Lovech, 14 km away of Lovech and 140 km from the Sofia Airport. The reserve has two villas of the residence class with a total capacity of 60 beds.

The hunting reserve is located at an area of 7324 hectares, of which 62% forest and 38% meadow areas. Elevation ranges from 180 to 600 m. On the territory of the reserve several populations of red deer, fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar are rapidly breeding.

BYLKA hunting reserve is one of the pearls of the Bulgarian hunting tourism. Hunting reserve is attended by celebrities from Western Europe and the senior leaders of the Russian Federation.