Automotive industry

The Bulgarian dream of domestically produced cars becomes a reality. By the end of 2011 Litex Motors, a Bulgarian company, together with Great Wall Motors, started the production of Great Wall motor vehicles near the Town of Lovech.

In the autumn of 2009, Litex Motors and the largest private Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors signed a Cooperation Agreement. Based on this agreement Litex Motors started building a factory with an area of nearly 500 decares for manufacturing of Great Wall cars. It is expected that the first stage of the car factory to be fully established and commenced by the end of 2011. The factory will start the production of the small passenger car - Voleex, SUV Hover and a light van with a single and double Steed cab.

The capacity is 50 000 cars a year in two shifts. The investment is expected to open nearly 2000 work places. Cars produced by Litex Motors shall be designed for the European Community market and other markets across Europe and shall meet all European standards. Since the beginning of the project more than EUR 80 000 000 have been invested. The investment of the second stage of the project shall be another EUR 80 000 000.


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